Having a Baby

At Macquarie Women’s Health we have extensive experience in every aspect of pregnancy care. We focus on personal care throughout your pregnancy and are dedicated to the best outcome for a healthy mother and baby.

The doctors in our practice care for all women during pregnancy, including:

  • healthy women with low risks of complications in pregnancy
  • women with complications such as twins or a breech delivery
  • women at risk because of serious health problems, eg diabetes, high blood pressure

One step at a time

One of the first things we do when you visit our practice is to arrange for routine tests and scans if they haven’t already been ordered by your GP. We also provide advice about specific tests, if and when the need arises.

A collaborative approach

All of our team members are here to help you during your pregnancy and at each visit. This is the routine for your appointment:

  1. One of our friendly practice midwives will see you first to check your weight and blood pressure.
  2. Then you’ll see either Dr Geraghty or Dr Samaratunga who will ask questions and assess you to check on your progress and learn more about your health and that of your baby
  3. Your doctor will arrange tests or treatment when needed and plan the care program you are likely to need during your pregnancy
  4. Our Support Staff will book the visits you are likely to need over the course of your pregnancy.
  5. If you have particular problems in your pregnancy, your doctor may also refer you to other medical specialists or allied health practitioners such as a physiotherapist or dietitian. To make things easier, some of this care can be provided for you at our Bultje St practice

Need more help?

If you’re worried or concerned, there is always somebody at our practice during the week who can provide information and urgent advice. If you have a concern, phone us or call in to arrange an urgent review.

We also have a basic ultrasound service at our practice so we can carry out an initial review to determine some problems in pregnancy.

For women to choose to be treated as a private patient, your doctor will deliver your baby. If he is unavailable he will arrange cover with another specialist.

Sharing your care

We also offer a shared care program. This allows you to have some of your visits with your GP and is particularly useful for women from outlying towns who have to travel to our practice for each appointment.

The majority of deliveries happen at Dubbo Base Hospital but private patients needing an elective caesarean section may be delivered at Dubbo Private Hospital if there are no complicating factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Post-natal care

After the birth, our doctors visit their patients in hospital. We also arrange a six-week follow-up post natal appointment to check how mother is recovering and how the baby is developing.

At that time, we can talk to you about contraception and arrange prescriptions or insert an implant or intrauterine device.

For parents wishing to have their son circumcised, talk to us before your baby is born so that we can discuss the options.